A unique loft conversion

We were appointed to carry out a loft conversion on this typical natural 4 bedroom terrace in SW11.

The plan was to create a master bedroom, wardrobe and ensuite and to re-fit a bathroom on the existing 2nd floor which was in the path of the new staircase. The client lived in the project throughout.

“The easiest building project we have ever undertaken”

Katy, Clapham

“A true master bedroom at loft level”

Ross Malone, Bloom

We installed a new bathroom with built in wardrobes instead along with air con, exposed steel, envirograf treated doors (to retain existing rather than replace to firedoors).

A loft bedroom that feels like a genuine master bedroom.

The work that went into the insulation and glazing acoustic treatments resulted in a bedroom that is quiet even though it is directly under the flight path.

Air con has been built in discretely and the joinery is minimal in appearance but big in space.

One of the most interesting loft conversions we have ever worked on.